Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan (16 inch)


Stay cool outdoors with the Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan. Rechargeable, powerful, and portable. Your ultimate cooling solution!

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Stay Cool Anywhere with the Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan!

🔋 Rechargeable Fan with Power Bank Function: This isn’t just a fan; it’s a portable powerhouse! Driven by a robust battery, it charges in 2.5-3 hours and can cool you down for an impressive 2-15 hours – that’s a whole day of comfort. What’s more, it moonlights as a power bank, ensuring your devices stay charged while you stay cool.

💨 High-Velocity Fan with Tilt Feature: Take charge of your cooling experience with the adjustable 120° tilt head, directing the airflow exactly where you need it. The unique metal fan blade design and the powerful brush-less DC motor combine forces to deliver a remarkable 2000 CFM of high-performance cooling. Ideal for your garage, warehouse, workshop, gym, and outdoor escapades!

🎚️ Variable Speed Control & LED Battery Indicator: Personalize your comfort with multiple speed settings, allowing you to balance airflow and noise levels to meet your preferences. Keep tabs on battery life with the LED indicator, ensuring you can manage it effectively and avoid any unwelcome surprises.

🌦️ Ideal for Outdoor Use: Embrace the outdoors with confidence. The Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan boasts an IPX4 water-resistant structure, shielding it from unexpected showers during your outdoor work or camping adventures. Its rugged metal frame and anti-slip rubber feet are designed to withstand shocks and continue to operate smoothly in various environments. The built-in carrying handle makes it effortlessly portable, allowing you to take your cooling solution wherever your journey leads.

With the Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan, you’ve got a reliable and convenient outdoor cooling companion by your side. Stay cool, stay connected, and stay comfortable – no matter where life takes you.


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