Tree Storage Upright Duffel Bag

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Effortlessly store your holiday tree with our Tree Storage Upright Duffel Bag. Expanding up to 12ft, it features horizontal wheels, compression straps, and a durable zipper for easy, compact storage. Simplify post-holiday cleanup with this essential storage solution.

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Simplify your post-holiday cleanup with our Tree Storage Upright Duffel Bag, the ultimate solution to the perennial question: What to do with the tree after Christmas? Engineered with expandable space, this duffel accommodates trees ranging from 7.5ft to 12ft, ensuring a hassle-free storage experience.

Navigate through your holiday cleanup effortlessly with the innovative horizontal rolling wheels, allowing both vertical and horizontal movement. No longer struggle with bulky bags—our duffel’s new exterior compression straps neatly manage excess fabric, ensuring a tidy and space-efficient storage solution for your disassembled tree.

Inside, discover the convenience of internal compression straps that secure and compress tree sections efficiently. The integrated frame provides stable storage, reinforced handles offer easy portability, and heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels effortlessly glide over various surfaces, making transportation a breeze.

Identify your stored tree at a glance with the clear view ID window, while the U-shaped, heavy-duty zipper facilitates easy loading and unloading. With its thoughtful design and an array of features, our Tree Storage Upright Duffel Bag promises a compact, efficient, and stress-free solution to your holiday tree storage needs. Embrace the joy of tidier post-holiday seasons with this essential storage companion.


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